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My IELTS Sentence Builder Home Page

Chris Northey - IELTs Tutor

Hi, my name is Chris and and I am a qualifed IELTS teacher. On my site you will find professional IELTS lessons covering various topics for you to purchase, download and keep.

More about me

How To Buy

There are TWO WAYS to Purchase IELTS Sentence Builder Writing Packs:

Method 1

Email your personalised order to

  • Choose your Writing Task Type - Writing Task 1 or Writing Task 2
  • Decide on your topic - The Environment, Tourism, Education, Pie Charts, Process etc...
  • Tell me your English Level and email me your order
  • Wait for email reply and payment details
  • All Personalised Packs cost £10
  • Once payment is received you will receive your very own personalised IELTS Writing Pack within 24 hours

Method 2

Wait for made to order packs to be available on the site

  • After a customer has ordered a personalised IELTS Writing Pack it will be available on the site 1 week later at a higher price
  • Follow the instructions below to buy and download IELTS Writing Packs from the site: 

5 Easy Steps to buy your New IELTS Writing Packs

Step 1 - Add Lessons To Your Cart.

  • Click ‘IELTS LESSONS’ in the menu.
  • Choose the IELTS Writing Task You want to buy
  • Look for the NEW Three-Way Writing Image and click the image
  • Click 'BUY NOW'
  • Your IELTS Writing Pack will now be in your Cart.

Step 2 - Review Your Cart.

  • Click ‘VIEW CART.'
  • You can now see what you are going to buy.
  • You can add more if you want, but if you happy click ‘BEGIN CHECKPOUT’.

Step 3 - Checkout

  • Login or create an account and then click 'CONTINUE.'
  • Choose payment method and click ‘CONTINUE’
  • Confirm your order and click ‘PLACE ORDER’.

Step 4 - Payment

  • You will see my PayPal payment page and you will see your IELTS Writing Task Order.
  • You can choose to login to your PayPal account if you have one or pay by credit card.
  • Choose how you want to pay and make the payment.
  • You will receive on email from PayPal confirming payment.
  • Click the link that says ‘Return to ’ - this will return you to my website.

Step 5 - Download your IELTS Writing Pack

You MUST still be logged into the myieltssentencebuilder site!

  • Click ‘MY DOWNLOADS.'
  • You will now see the IELTS Writing Pack that you have bought.
  • Click your IELTS Writing Pack and it will download to your computer.

Step 6 - Logout

Remember to log out when you have finished buying your IELTS Writing Packs.


Other Information

To view or edit your billing address details click 'My Profile'.

To view your order history click 'My Profile'.