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My IELTS Sentence Builder Home Page

Chris Northey - IELTs Tutor

Hi, my name is Chris and and I am a qualifed IELTS teacher. On my site you will find professional IELTS lessons covering various topics for you to purchase, download and keep.

More about me

About My IELTS Sentence Builder

Thanks for your interest in My name is Chris Northey and with over 10 years of IELTS teaching experience, I have helped hundreds of students from all corners of the world from as far as Australia, South East Asia and South America to Europe and the Gulf, improve their IELTS writing score.

Being a professional writer as well as an IELTS teacher myself, I know how writing works and so decided a few years ago to set up a system to help anybody write a logical and informative piece of IELTS writing.

Seeing students struggle over the years trying to write structured pieces of writing with ideas that develop logically inspired me to think of a solution that would work for writers of all levels.

And so the idea for was born: a place where students can learn the art of IELTS writing at a pace that suits their own language abilities.

Through understanding how the process of writing actually works, I am confident any student of IELTS will improve the structure and content of their IELTS writing tasks.

What will you find on the new Myieltssentencebuilder?

You will still find everything you need to know in order to improve your IELTS Writing.  You will still find the specially created IELTS Sentence Packs containing different model sentences with detailed explanations of vocabulary and grammar to help you build your own sentences.

But more importantly, you will also find my new Pre-order IELTS Writing Packs, which have been written using my new three-way writing teaching method:

1. Three essays or reports in one

2. Three different ways to write each sentence

3. Three different lots of ideas for the same IELTS question

So, start thinking which IELTS Writing Packs you want to order.

And let's get ready to write.