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Hi, my name is Chris and and I am a qualifed IELTS teacher. On my site you will find professional IELTS lessons covering various topics for you to purchase, download and keep.

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What is the Three-Way Writing Method?

Thursday, 08 November 2018 19:00
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What is the Three-Way Writing Method?

Write Better IELTS Tasks with the Three-Way Writing Method

What is the Three-Way Writing Method?

Simply, this means that a Writing Task 2 essay or a Writing Task 1 report is written in 3 different ways to help students improve their writing.

The structure is the same, but it is the ideas and the vocabulary that change. So, students get an understanding of how IELTS tasks are written and at the same time learn academic vocabulary as well as a range of ideas.


How does the Three-Way Writing Method benefit students?

It benefits students in three ways:

1) It shows how to structure IELTS writing tasks

2) It provides a range of different academic vocabulary and phrases

3) It promotes critical thinking skills 


Why does the Three-Way Writing Method work?

In my experience as an IELTS teacher, I have found that the three main issues students have with writing IELTS tasks are structure, vocabulary and ideas. So, it made sense to try to find a way to help students improve all of these skills in one place: in an IELTS essay or report that has been written specifically with students in mind.

The essays and reports in the Three-Way Writing Method show students how to use sentences to write IELTS tasks. By giving students a model, they can see how to write sentences themselves and at the same time learn a variety of academic vocabulary and phrases. And not forgetting, in the essays, improve their critical thinking skills.


Is the Three-Way Writing Method not just copying?

Definitely not. One of the best ways to learn how to write is to look at how other writers write. It is commonly said that if you want to write a novel, you have to read lots and lots of them to learn structure, vocabulary and ideas. Writing IELTS tasks is no different. Students need to know what makes a good IELTS writing task. Use some of the chunks, vocabulary and ideas in your own writing, but do not memorise full model essays. If you do that you will never improve as a writer.

How can I order my own Three-Way Writing Method IELTS essays and reports?

There are two ways to order your IELTS Writing Packs:

1) Visit the site and look for the Three-Way Writing Packs that have been made available.

2) Visit the site and then email me your order, saying which type of writing you would like, the topic and your English language level.

Remember, they say the best things come along in three's, so visit today and start improving your writing with the Three-Way Writing Method.













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