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Hi, my name is Chris and and I am a qualifed IELTS teacher. On my site you will find professional IELTS lessons covering various topics for you to purchase, download and keep.

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The Power of a Sentence

Friday, 05 February 2016 07:22
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The Power of a Sentence

What do books, magazines, newspapers and websites all have in common? They all have an opening sentence. Now it might be great and make you want to read until your eyes beg you to stop. Or it might be so bad that your eyes will just ignore you and close. Such is the power of an opening sentence. Or hook sentence as it is also known.

Take a look at these hook sentences and decide for yourself what your eyes would do:

She screamed and gave birth to an alien.

If you want to win money, this is the book for you.

Where has all the water gone?

I died yesterday.

Television is a curse.

So next time, you open a book, flip open a magazine, unfold a newspaper or click onto a website, just look at the opening sentence and see if the writer really wanted you to read it or not.

That is why writing is about the power of sentences.

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