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My IELTS Sentence Builder Home Page

Chris Northey - IELTs Tutor

Hi, my name is Chris and and I am a qualifed IELTS teacher. On my site you will find professional IELTS lessons covering various topics for you to purchase, download and keep.

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Compare and Contrast Data One Time Starter Pack 2

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Compare and Contrast Data One Time Starter Pack 2

Know what important INFORMATION to write in BODY 1 of your COMPARE AND CONTRAST REPORT.

Here is what is included in your STARTER PACK PART 2:

  • 4 SENTENCES for any compare and contrast data for One Time to describe the important information in Body 1
  • Key Vocabulary to improve your Lexical Grade
  • Grammar Tips to help you write better IELTS Sentences
  • Step by step building of your report

So buy and download your COMPARE AND CONTRAST DATA STARTER PACK and continue your Writing Task 1 IELTS journey.


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